The Anti-Violence Circus

For K-8. This show uses circus stunts, comedy routines, juggling, balancing tricks and audience participation games to explore anti-bullying concepts. Conflict resolution is emphasized through THE 4C’S for CONFLICT RESOLUTION:

1. COOL DOWN – acting from anger is not the answer

2. COMMUNICATE – Express your feelings. Learn to be a good listener and to hear other people’s point of views. Talk to friends, teachers, and parents about any violence you see in your daily lives.

3. COMPROMISE – Violence creates losers. Develop a win-win strategy so that both parties win.

4. CELEBRATE – Love yourself and be proud of yourself. “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” —Eleanor Roosevelt

Two or three times during the show the performers stop to discuss.

A handout is provided summarizing the 4C’s. We suggest you copy it and distribute it to classroom teachers.

The children really enjoyed the juggling, unicycling and funny antics. In addition, your wonderful rapport with the children greatly added to the overall enjoyment of the performance.

Frances J. Contonzo

Children's Librarian, Levittown Public Library