Basketball in Motion

For K-12. Derek “The Whizz” Murphy, formerly with the Harlem Globetrotters, mastered his skills from such superstars as Meadowlark Lemon, Geese Ausbie and Curly Neal. During the show he teaches such things as values, goals, life lessons and respect, through the magic of Basketball.

OPTIONAL: Anti-Drug Theme

Students will be amazed at the talents Derek demonstrates for them.


The children not only enjoyed the Basketball in Motion program, they learned some valuable lessons. Derek Murphy was absolutely excellent—his rapport with the children was superb. Please extend my appreciation to Derek for two fantastic performances.

Gayle Winkler

Guidance Counselor, H.B. Wilson Elementary School, Camden, NJ

Our students and faculty thoroughly enjoyed Derek Murphy’s appearance at our school on February 1st. Quite a few of the children play basketball, so his use of the sport as a way to connect with them was very effective. Derek Murphy’s performance completely held the attention of our students from start to finish, while getting a serious message across. I highly recommend this assembly to other schools.

Nancy K. Linkin

St. Francis Cathedral School, Edison NJ